Pierre-Alain Clostermann is pleased to greet you with his selection of high quality antiques, furniture and works of art, offering you a wide choice – from objects of decoration to masterpieces – carefully chosen in view of their quality and their historic interest, characteristic of a time.

He hopes that lovers of arts shall take pleasure in visiting his gallery of chosen paintings, drawings and graphic arts – ancient and modern – of the French, Italian and North schools.

Graduated in Expertise and Art History in the IESA (Paris) working at home, Pierre-Alain Clostermann represents the new generation of antique-dealers, deeply engaged in his activity of on-line trader and expert, mainly at international level.

The Clostermann spirit [klɔstɛʁman] n.p. / 1660 ◊ german John Closterman, pupil of François de Troy and John Riley, court painter, author of the portrait of Queen Anne / 1921 ◊ french Pierre Clostermann, pilot, politician, businessman and writer, author of “The Big Show” / 1980 ◊ french Pierre-Alain Clostermann, graduate of IESA (Paris) in Expertise and Art History, Antique dealer. ■ 1. An expertise accompanied with a certificate. ■ 2. The choice of craftsmen for the restorations. ■ 3. Thorough documentary research. ■ 4. A personalized follow-up. ■ 5. A unique way to advise your acquisitions. ■ 6. This is the Clostermann spirit. / CIT. 1. « The past is a prologue » W. Shakespeare / SYN. quality, originality, expertise.