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Vietnamese dish – Shipwreck discovery, 15th century

Dish with vegetal decoration Provenance : Shipwreck Treasure of Hoi An Viet Nam Ming Dynasty, around 1430 In 1999 off the coast of Hoi An on the Sea Dragon, a Vietnamese fisherman discovered in his nets several bowls and fragments of pottery decorated in blue on white background. Back to earth and talking about his discovery, experts suggest a dating to the mid-fifteenth century. Very quickly was sent on a barge excavation to proceed with the estimation of…

Very rare 18th century ebony and ivory octant

Very rare 18th century ebony and ivory octant Georges II – Louis XV period, ca. 1750 Radius : 17,8 in Octant ebony and ivory – Signed by the French dealer Decard Bordeaux, retaining the name of the manufacturer * GREGORY fecit * Henry Gregory, optician and manufacturer of measuring instruments in London between 1744 and 1782. Same octant is presented in the collections of the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia – that belonged to John Barry, founder…