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Minerva and Themis clock, 1780 – The same at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

MINERVA AND THEMIS CLOCK  Louis XVI period Paris, circa 1780 Calendar complication movement Materials : white and black marble, gilt bronzes Dimensions : H. 27,6 in ; W. 23 in ; D. 6,7 in Exceptional timepiece from the Louis XVI period, from the tallest clocks produced under the Louis XVI period, in white Carrara marble and gilt bronzes. Two allegorical gilt bronze figures of Athena and Themis on a neoclassical architecture. The same model exhibited in the Musée des…

Quiver shaped candlesticks by Delafosse, circa 1780.

Candlesticks pair By Jean-Charles Delafosse Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1780 H. 19,5 cm (7,7 in) Made in white Carrara marble and gilt bronze, this candlesticks was quiver shaped, inspired by the drawings of Jean-Charles Delafosse for the Comte d’Artois in his bedroom in the Château de Bagatelle.

‘Lyre’ sconces pair by Pierre Gouthiere

Very rare “lyre” sconces pair – Louis XVI period Pierre Gouthiere’s workshop – Parisian work, circa 1785 H. 19 in ; W. 12,5 in This unique and stylish pair of wall consists of a barrel -shaped lyre motif very popular time of Louis XVI, probably made ​​for a music room. It is surmounted by a mask radiating suspended from a node by all ablaze trimmings. Both sconces fluted curved emerge from the instrument into an…

Mantel clock “peace and war” – ca. 1785

Mantel clock – Love triumphant War Louis XVI period, after a drawing by François Vion H. 13 in ; W. 10,3 in ; D. 5,9 in Original movement – with a complicated calendar. Exceptional bronze clock finely crafted and presented in its original mercury gilding. On the theme of War and Peace, or Love triumphant over war, sometimes still made in the eighteenth century as ‘pièce de bureau à l’Amour et à Mars’. Allegories are represented by two…