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Louis XIV table in the manner of Pierre Gole

Louis XIV table with floral marquetry   in the manner of Pierre Gole (1620-1684)  Adorned with flower arrangements on the plateau (surrounded by a bronze mold) – on three sides, on the feet, with a simple veneer at the back it opens with a large drawer. Louis XIV Style  H. 31,8 in. ; W. 37,4 in. ; D. 22,8 in. With an undeniable decorative effect, this table made around 1850 will immerse you in the great French taste of the seventeenth century. It…

Lady desk said ‘Bonheur du Jour’, ca. 1780

Lady desk said ‘Bonheur du Jour’ Louis XVI period, Parisian work, circa 1780 Stamped Jacques-Laurent COSSON Bonheur du jour based on tapered legs and fluted, wearing high shoes finely chiseled in bronze water leaves and wearing rings denticles. This piece of furniture called ‘bonheur du jour’, typical of very feminine productions of the late eighteenth century, could at the same time serve as extra office, dressing table, small cabinet with shelves presentation and marble top.…